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Georgia’s Telephone Support for Seniors

The State of Georgia has sponsored a branded version of EyeOn App, which it provides at no cost to Georgia residents. If your organization would like to sponsor an app for your customers, please Contact Us.

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Problem Statement:Law enforcement and Adult Protective Services (APS) staff frequently encounter situations where someone appears to have been abused, neglected, or exploited. Further, law enforcement personnel increasingly encounter situations where persons with diminished cognitive capacity appear to be wandering and/or lost. When someone is deemed to be unsafe, whether removed from an unlicensed home or wandering, for example, options available to place them temporarily to ensure their safety are limited. Health care professionals could benefit from quick access to information, screening, and services for these and other situations that often occur in the middle of the night.
Background:Department of Aging Services (DAS) staff from Adult Protective Services, Forensics, and Livable Communities have worked in collaboration with the Georgia Chapter of the Alzheimer’s Association on a variety of projects related to abuse, neglect, and exploitation, including ACT Training for law enforcement personnel, identifying alternative placements for vulnerable adults residing in unlicensed personal care homes, obtaining driving assessments for those with dementia to determine continued ability to safely drive, and determining financial capacity of individuals. Through this collaboration and subsequent discussion, it was determined that an ANE App could prove useful for law enforcement, APS, other health care professionals, and the general public.

App Features

Available to General Public and Health Care Professionals

Contact Information for various agencies
Information on laws related to abuse, neglect, and exploitation

Available to Health Care Professionals only, via an Activation Code

Screening questions & algorithm for Cognitive Functioning
Screening questions & algorithm for determining abuse, neglect, and exploitation
Screening questions & algorithm for determining financial capacity
Emergency Placement places, by zip code, and nearest to your location
Mattie’s Call (receive and send alerts)
Push notifications of latest scams

Expected Outcomes

Increased recognition and reporting of ANE to the appropriate investigative/regulatory agencies.
Provide timely emergency placement options for vulnerable adults in crisis
Better identification of individuals in need of immediate safe interventions due to wandering behaviors.
Heightened awareness of ways to avoid scams against vulnerable adults

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Georgia Child Fatality Review

The Child Fatality Review (CFR) App is designed to assist families, care givers, law enforcement and other stake holders to investigate and prevent child fatalities in Georgia. The CFR App was developed through a collaboration with the Georgia Division of Family and Children Services and the Georgia Bureau of Investigation.

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