How Technology like medical alert apps can allow your aging parent to live at home

How Technology like medical alert apps can allow your aging parent to live at home

Medical alert apps like EyeOn app can give you peace of mind

AARP recently conducted a study of senior citizens (people over the age of 65) to learn about their living preferences and their general lifestyle. According to the study, nearly 90% of people over age 65 desire to live at home as opposed to an assisted living facility. However, the ability to live at home becomes difficult as we get older. We just don’t move around the same way as we once did and details, even important ones, can be difficult to track. Thankfully, today’s technology has made a number of living activities easier and safer for senior citizens. It’s also allowed their loved ones and family caregivers to provide better care and have peace of mind.

Among the issues that technology is helping to solve are:

Home Safety

There are a number of ways you can adjust the home to make it safer for elderly parents, including installing railing in certain areas, getting rid of throw rugs and improving lighting. However, accidents do happen and a caregiver may not always be around to respond. Medical alert systems such as EyeOn app can help by giving your loved one set intervals for which they receive notifications on their cell phone. They will need to respond to the notifications within a pre-determined time. If the person doesn’t respond, the caregiver is alerted immediately and can check the health of the elderly citizen.

Keeping Track of Medical Information

As we get older, the amount of medical information that needs to be tracked jumps considerably. There are more medications and more medical appointments. Android and Apple-based systems offer a number of solutions to tracking medications. MedCoach is one of the most popular ones. Google calendar can help caregivers and senior citizens keep track of medical appointments.

Social Isolation

An unfortunate reality of aging at home is that some of the people who made home so special may not be around. Children and friends move away. Spouses may not always be around either. Along with getting out, being active and joining community groups, apps like Skype can help connect senior citizens to the world beyond their walls.

If you have a loved one who is living alone, EyeOn app can help keep them safe. The notification app sends check-in messages to loved ones at set intervals. If your loved one does not respond, you are immediately notified. This will allow you to investigate the situation further and seek medical help, if needed. The peace of mind that EyeOn App can provide is invaluable.

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