How Emergency Response Systems and Other Items can Help Seniors Stay in their Homes

How Emergency Response Systems and Other Items can Help Seniors Stay in their Homes

Nothing compares to the sights, sounds and scents of our own homes. It’s where our hearts are and the most comfortable place to be after a hard day or a tremendous victory. This doesn’t change as we get older. What does change, unfortunately, is the ease with which we can function in our homes. Stairs become more arduous, tile floors are trickier to navigate and it becomes increasingly difficult to see items around the house. While it does become more difficult to function safely at home, so many of us want to be there. The good news is there are a variety of products and services that make it possible for senior citizens to remain in their homes, including emergency response systems, house modifications and in home healthcare. Here are few suggestions to consider. Any combination of these ideas will likely make life easier, more comfortable and safer for you and your loved one.

  1. Monitoring and notification apps: An unfortunate reality of getting older is that accidents can happen and we may not have immediate access to loved ones in order to assist them. That’s why as your loved ones get older, emergency response apps can be so critical. An emergency response app can send messages to your loved one at specific intervals requiring a response from them, if you don’t get one, you will have the option to call 911 and/or take the appropriate action. Monitoring systems can collect health data such as heart rate and blood pressure to determine any abnormalities that may indicate that an emergency has taken place.
  2. Determine what your needs are: Are they struggling with driving? Are they taking medications at the proper intervals? Have they already fallen at home? Once it has been determined where they need help the most, you can create a plan that may include, home healthcare, companion care, adjustments to their home and other tools to help your parents.
  3. Make modifications to the home: In order for the elderly to remain at home, the house itself must be assessed for certain risk factors and risk areas need to be modified. Some actions to consider include installing non-slip mats in areas like the kitchen and the bathroom, making sure all rooms have proper lightning and installing a stair lift, if you have stairs.
  4. Garner community support: Another reality of getting older is that adult children move away. Sometimes, friends and neighbors move away as well. However, companionship, having someone to check-in with you from time to time, not only enhances our lives but keeps us safe. It’s important to find your village, a community that you can share time with and receive support. If your loved one doesn’t have that, research senior support groups in their area and encourage them to join one.
  5. Home Healthcare: This is another option to consider when adult children don’t live nearby. Home healthcare services can address many medical needs, including monitoring vitals and managing medications. There’s also non-medical companion care, which includes meal preparation, driving to appointments and aiding senior citizens with dressing and grooming.
  6. Grocery delivery: Driving can become an issue for our older loved ones. That’s why grocery delivery services can be so helpful. You pick the items you need each week and they are delivered to your door. This eases the burden of driving, walking around a grocery store and carrying items from the car to the house.

If you or a loved one would like to remain in the home, providing a safe environment in which help is always available is key. The EyeOn app is an automated check-in system that can be set at pre-determined intervals in order to assure the safety and wellbeing of anyone who lives alone. If they do not respond, caregivers are notified immediately. Many years of quality life can be assured by an emergency response app such as EyeOn, and can bring peace to families and loved ones of those who live alone. With EyeOn app, help is never far away.

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