5 Ways to Prevent Falls at Home

5 Ways to Prevent Falls at Home

Living Independently and Preventing Accidents in the Home

As we get older, new concerns begin to surface. We don’t move around the way we once did. Stairs become more of a challenge than a pathway, and our home becomes fraught with more danger than we ever thought possible. We all derive a sense of comfort from our homes, but it only takes one fall to alter our sense of security or cause serious, potentially permanent injury. Many of us want to be able to live out our senior years at home but as we get older this requires some coordination and attention to detail. There are some useful safety apps for parents that, in the case of fall, can help us get to our loved ones quickly if a situation arises. Below are 5 actions to that you can take today to help prevent you or a loved one from falling at home.

  1. Remove any item in your home that can cause you to slip or trip: Remove all loose rugs. Create clear pathways at home. It’s also a great idea to put non-slip mats down in potentially wet areas like the bathroom or the kitchen.
  2. Use assistive devices: Everyone needs a little help some times. A cane for walking, a reacher to grab items around the house, a stair lift to go up and down stairs can not only lessen the risk for falling at home but also enhance your quality of life.
  3. Provide proper lighting: It’s important to have proper lighting throughout your home, especially in areas that are tricky to navigate such as stairways. Consider putting light switches at the top and bottom of staircases. Also, night lights in your bedroom make it easier to get around for those middle of the night bathroom trips. Motion and sound detection lights can also be a helpful option.
  4. Make everyday items accessible: The idea is to prevent reaching continuously to grab items that you use on a regular basis. In the kitchen, consider putting a lazy Susan in reachable cabinet. Since it’s a revolving tray, it will provide more space for the items that you need to use. Also don’t put important items on higher shelves. This will prevent you from having to use a ladder. In the bedroom, keep items like your phone or medications on your nightstand.
  5. Talk to your Doctor: It’s important to have a conversation with your doctor about the medications that you have been taking and if any of them puts you at risk for falling. They can make the adjustments necessary to reduce that risk.

Apps for Parents and others living at home

If you or a loved one is at risk of falling, it’s important to have access to the help you need. The EyeOn App checks in on you at pre-determined intervals. If you do not respond, your loved one or caregiver is notified immediately. It can provide peace of mind and save lives.

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